Writer-for-Hire.US was first started by a writer who now goes by “Julie Anne, U.S. Writer for Hire” or “Julie U.S. Writer.” She first started freelancing in 2005 and since then produced the following types of online content:

  • Blog posts
  • SEO articles
  • Email and newsletter announcements
  • White papers and research documents
  • Product index pages and item descriptions
  • Website About US, Our Services and Contact Us pages
  • Press releases
  • Slide show and video scripts
  • Infographics reports

The creator of Writer-for-Hire.US was also the original owner of the domain Jabsfreelanceworld..com and still owns the Jabsfreelance.com domain.. The Jabsfreelaneworld.com domain as of 2018 was for sale at an auction for more than $800.